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Call:  (250) 802-8275

I specialize in motherboard repair, liquid damage, and component soldering.

At Mac Buyer I will buy/trade or repair broken, liquid damage, or aged units that need servicing. Please fill in the estimate call back form and you will get a quick response to your inquiry. If you need your data transferred off or help with anything involved in the process of trading in or selling your unit we can work out a deal. Most pricing is based on the overall body condition of your mac, and the circumstances leading to it not working. Everything is above $150 in value, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Thanks for your time.

Hassle-free, Safe, and Secure way to sell your Apple Product. appreciates the value in keeping your device out of the landfill while handling any previous data safely. We incorporate transferring your data to another device pulling the fee from your device balance upon selling. In the case where the value of your products is less than the estimated cost of the data transfer eg. (failing storage device), no extra fees will be charged and your product will 100% cover these costs on units 2011 model year and newer.

Sell Your Mac

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Computer Repair
Liquid Damage
Motherboard Repair

Serving Nanaimo and Surrounding Areas.


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